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Students » Freshman Math Assessment 2020-2021

Freshman Math Assessment 2020-2021

Welcome students and families to our ARISE community and family!  We hope that you all are doing as well as can be during these challenging times.  Due to the pandemic we are unable to do typical testing.  In order to place students in the correct math class we need them to complete the short math test below.  This test does not count for a grade, this is to make sure that all students are in the correct math class.  Students can take this assessment on their PHONE or COMPUTER (link below). 
  • You will need a pencil and some paper
  • It will take you about 30 minutes to complete
  • Do the best you can, if you don't know or can't solve some - don't worry about it
If you have questions comments or concerns please contact the Dean of STEM, Christopher Rozeville at
Many thanks again and please have a fantastic summer!