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ARISE Advisory Purpose and Vision Statement


Purpose Statement

The purpose of Advisory at ARISE is to create and foster the conditions for both social-emotional wellness and academic success for all students. We do this through:

  • creating a sense of community, connection, and belonging so that every student feels cared for and supported.
  • providing individualized support and attention to students on their journey from 9th grade through graduation.
  • building meaningful connections and maintaining consistent communication with students’ home life and family.
  • supporting students in building key skills and knowledge not generally covered in content classes through grade-level specific curriculum that moves from individual identity to community service to college and career planning
  • infusing the ARISE Core Values and building students’ capacity and consciousness as agents of change
  • preparing students for success on Stepping Stone,  Bridge, and Graduate Capstone presentations


Advisors play a critical role in the lives of their advisees throughout their 4 years at ARISE. Students remain in the same single-grade Advisories for their entire four years at ARISE  and keep the same advisor for a two-year loop. Advisories will be grouped into “Advisory Familias” to create continuity of student experience from 9th through 12th grades.


The advisor is the primary “go to” person for their advisees in terms of social-emotional wellness and academic success. Advisors are not responsible for providing all services for their advisees when it comes to social-emotional wellness and academic success; rather they are expected to be “in tune” with their advisees and do their best to make sure they receive the support needed. Advisors are the primary  point of communication with other teachers, the Adelante Team, and with their advisees’ families. This looks like:

  • Getting to know students during talking circles
  • Emphasizing community and relationship building as a primary purpose for Advisory class
  • Building relationship and community with advisees outside of class: SLCs, Advisory Retreats, Days of Service, etc
  • Checking in one-on-one during consultancy time


Grade Level Curriculum Focus





Warrior Intellectual Identity

Facing History-Core Values curriculum focused on personal identity development

Stepping Stone prep

Supporting new 9th graders to adjust to high school

Essential Question:  What does it mean to be a Warrior Intellectual at ARISE and embody the Core Values?  

Civic Engagement and Community Justice

Community engagement and restorative justice curriculum

BuildOn partnerships and internships

Bridge  prep

Essential Question:

What does it mean to be an agent of change for community justice?

Future Thinking: Academic and Career Possibilities

Curriculum on importance of 11th grade year - preparing for senior year

Test Prep for: SBAC and SAT

Essential Question:  

How am I empowering myself to realize my college and career goals?

Agents of Change and Graduation Capstone

College prep work

Graduation progress

Capstone preparation

Essential Question:

How am I setting my goals and planning my future to be an agent of change in my community?

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