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Academics » Agents of Change - Community and Public Health Pathway

Agents of Change - Community and Public Health Pathway

What Is Linked Learning?

Linked Learning is a successful approach to education based on the idea that students work harder and dream bigger if their education is relevant to them. The Linked Learning approach integrates rigorous academics that meet college-ready standards with sequenced, high-quality career-technical education, work-based learning, and supports to help students stay on track. For Linked Learning students, education is organized around industry-sector themes. The industry theme is woven into lessons taught by teachers who collaborate across subject areas with input from working professionals, and reinforced by work-based learning with real employers. This makes learning more like the real world of work, and helps students answer the question, “Why do I need to know this?”


Linked Learning exposes high school students to previously unimagined college and career opportunities by turning their education into a personally relevant, engaging experience. Research shows that Linked Learning students have higher rates of engagement and higher graduation rates than their peers at traditional high schools. This approach to education is helping to create a disciplined, prepared, and productive future workforce, ready to succeed in college, career, and life.


Public and Community Health Pathway 


The standards for the Public and Community Health pathway apply to occupations or functions involved primarily in environmental health, community health and health education, epidemiology, disaster management, and geriatrics. The standards specify the knowledge and skills needed by professionals pursuing careers in this pathway. 


Sample occupations associated with this pathway: 

 Community Health Worker 


 Health Educator Advocate



Pathway Coach

As a Pathway Coach, my role is to develop the pathway at ARISE. This entails several different pieces including but not limited to: 

- Upholding ARISE's mission and vision paired with our new Pathway

- Building partnerships with community organizations related to Public and Community Health

- Collect data pertaining to our pathway, and report out to all stakeholders when needed

- Keep an open line of communication with all stakeholders about progress and changes pertaining to our pathway

- Coach teachers/staff on building in our theme of Public and Community Health into classrooms

- Ensure that ALL students have equitable access to the components of Linked Learning and our pathway

- Maintain clear goals and objectives about the mission and vision of linked learning and pathways at ARISE