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A Message From Our Instructional Leaders

Teacher Leadership and Professional Learning

To support ARISE’s mission, we believe that 1.) teachers must be active collaborators in developing our school and 2.) teachers must be actively supported to develop their teaching craft. To do this we have three primary structures: Team Freire (Instructional Leadership Team), Critical Inquiry Groups (CIG), and Professional Development.

Team Freire: Team Freire gathers together teacher leaders, students, parents, support staff and school leaders to set the direction and make key decisions about ARISE’s future. ARISE is unique in that everyone in the Leaders Circle – from teachers to students – has real influence over the ARISE’s development as a school.

Professional Development at ARISE: We are always being, but also in process of becoming. ARISE believes that what lies at the heart of student achievement are teachers who are highly skilled at their craft. As such, Professional Development holds great value and importance at ARISE. While the Roots of the ARISE Educator (see below) is the framework by which teacher development centers around, there are 5 central structures by which ARISE mediates that development:
  • 1 on 1 coaching and formative evaluations of teaching
  • Critical Inquiry Groups
  • Whole Crew professional development
  • Department meetings
  • Grade Level (a.k.a. “Familia”) meetings
Critical Inquiry Groups: ARISE High School’s teacher leaders co-create a Professional Development (PD) system that is fully centered on the teacher. As teacher leaders, they are developing and leading a process of professional learning communities that we call Critical Inquiry Groups (CIG).

In CIG, teachers form small groups that work together over two half-year cycles in a collaborative process that focuses on developing their skills as quality teachers. This is a process of identifying challenges, collecting evidence, researching strategies, testing solutions, and providing group feedback.

Resources for current and prospective teachers

This page includes the resources for ARISE teachers that act as anchors to our process of becoming.

Professionalism, Observation and Reflection at ARISE
Educator Planning Resources used at ARISE
Critical Articles that Form the Foundation of our Theory of Action