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Theory of Change

By applying and providing our educational praxis ARISE graduates will have equipped themselves with the knowledge, skills, and
agency to lead successful lives as defined by themselves, their families, and the ARISE mission & vision. 
ARISE graduates demonstrate KNOWLEDGE.
They gain proficiency in academic subjects, making it possible to:
  • meet the University of California’s A-G requirements
  • set and achieve goals in order to complete an academically rigorous course of study
  • understand and analyze their social identities, intersectionality, and how systems of power influence how society views them 
  • defend their knowledge publicly & professionally
  • identify college and career pathways that will support them
    leading successful lives

ARISE graduates demonstrate SKILLS.
They apply critical consciousness to the world around them to:
  • analyze and understand systems and structures of oppression and liberation
  • connect their content learning to the outside world and to their communities
Navigate the professional world through participation in a community and public health internship
Provide evidence of their ability to:
  • Communicate effectively
  • Collaborate Productively
  • Think Critically
ARISE graduates ARE Agents of Change.  
  • embody the Core Values of Lead, Build, Persevere, and
    Respect in order to act as agents of change in their
  • have already acted in ways that transform their communities