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Accountability of Crew


Crew Accountability


We are adults and highly educated professionals working together in alignment around a specific vision, mission, and set of values The work we do and how we do it, whether as an individual or as a collective has tremendous consequences to our students.  As such, we have to be clear on what we must be accountable for doing. In addition to the specifics of your particular job description, school cohesion, or other guidelines associated the school’s processes and protocols, there are some basic expectations for what we must be accountable for on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.  The following is is a list of these basic crew expectations with their associated accountability structures.



Starting the day:

  • Teachers are encouraged to be here by 8:00am but expected to be here 8:15am, unless you have made some prior arrangements with a school administration member.

Teacher Office Hours:

  • All teachers must have explicitly communicated office hours for providing additional support to students.

Submitting attendance:

  • Within first 5 minutes of class (non-negotiable)

Deliverables (by stated due dates) including:

  • Curriculum plans - Week 1 Checklist and as needed
  • Class syllabus - Week 1 Checklist
  • Progress reports - Each quarter by listed due date
  • Entering grades into Powerschool - each Semester by listed due date
  • Any agreed upon action items


  • Communicates clearly and ahead of time, when possible, about absences to office manager and administrators.  
  • Appropriate sub lesson plans provided at least 24 hours in advance


  • Showing up on time to PD
  • Timeliness with PD transitions



Professional Development:

  • Weekly PD, staff work days, staff retreats, and Department & Grade Level meetings

Collaborative student support meetings:

  • Familia
  • IEP meetings
  • COST

Instructional Duties:

  • Teaching duties
  • Advisory
  • Post Session
  • Tutoring

Mandatory Events:

  • RISE Up (bi-weekly)
  • Open House (1)
  • Student Led Conferences (2)
  • Exhibition Nights (2)
  • Defense Week (2)
  • Test administration (varies)
  • Day of service (1)
  • College Visit (1)
  • Graduation (1)

As Needed:

  • Parent meetings
  • Tutoring
  • Home visits



Email Communications:  Staff shall follow the Protocol for whole staff email communication

Communication between Adults:  Staff must follow the Professional Learning Community Codes of Respect when communicating with fellow adults.  If a staff member has concerns of about the professionalism of another staff member or concerns about the violation of the Professional Learning Community Codes of Respect  they can disclose such to either the Head of School or the staff member’s supervisor or managing administrator.

Communication between Adults and Students:  All conversations including emails, text-messages, phone conversations, and other communications to and with students, if permitted, must be professional and pertain to school activities or classes (violations of such include but are not limited to: expressing negative opinions, or personal information of another staff member).

Leaving early:  Staff leaving early must communicate and get approval from A-Team member with:

  • The Head of School (or one of the Deans if not available)
  • Office Manager
  • If it’s a foreseeable early leave, at least 24 hours notice in advance, the more advance notice the better

Substitutes/Absences:  Absent staff must communicate such to:

  • Office Manager
  • A-Team

Discipline:  Communicating minor discipline issues (via Cultural Referrals) to the following where appropriate:

  • Student’s advisor
  • Student’s parent
  • Other teachers (as needed)

Discipline:  Communicating major discipline issues (via Cultural Referrals) to the following where appropriate:

  • Dean of Students
  • Grade Team Leads (cc’d on correspondence)
  • Head of School
  • Administrative Assistant (Deans of Instruction)
  • Student’s advisor
  • Student’s parent

Vandalism/Property Damage/Theft: For various kinds of vandalism or property damage, staff must communicate such to:

  • Head of School (or one of the Deans if unavailable)
  • Office Manager
  • Custodian (if available or needed)